Clearplex Installation McAllen TX

ClearPlex Installation McAllen TX

Everybody knows that cracks and chips in your windshield (large or small) can be both hazardous and often expensive. But there's no need to worry because we’re now very proud to offer ClearPlex Windshield Protection to our valued customers like you. It’s a patented protection film for windshields that’s not only optically clear but also the first of its kind. Yes, this product is the original and only windshield protection film that has been awarded three U.S. patents. ClearPlex provides a significant reduction in bulls-eye, pitting, and rock chip occurrences. In fact, this multi-layered film even protects against shattering!

Benefits of ClearPlex

In addition to offering superior impact and scratch resistance, ClearPlex Windshield Protection film protects your vehicle's interior from heat and UV rays, extending its life. And, the ClearPlex polarized finish also helps reduce glare. On top of those benefits, this product also delivers these benefits:

• Absorbs the impact of standard road hazards

• Perfect for maintaining fleet vehicles and luxury cars

• Keeps your windshield intact during any accidents

• Much less expensive than windshield replacement, especially for vehicles equipped with ADAS technology (Crash Avoidance Systems)

• Protects against 99 percent of the harmful U V rays from the sun

• Provides significantly faster run-off of both snow and rain

How it Works?

ClearPlex film forms a strong bond with your windshield when it’s thermally fitted to the glass. And then if it’s removed, it will leave your windshield in its original pristine condition. ClearPlex also offers you an 18-month manufacturer warranty not only on the film but also on the glass underneath it.

Find Out More Today

Want to know more about this innovative product? Please fill out our handy online quote form for additional information on how we can help you to extend the overall value and life of your vehicle with ClearPlex Windshield Protection film.

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Protect Yourself: 5 Questions to Ask Every Glass Shop You Call

How to Choose a Glass Shop There are 5 questions you should ask every auto glass shop BEFORE you trust them with your vehicle. 1 - What is my minimum airbag safe drive-away time? This is the amount of time the manufacturers of windshield urethane (“glue”) say it must dry/cure ...
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Repair or Replace?

  • They are shorter than a dollar bill (6”)

  • They are not in the driver’s viewable area.

  • They are not in the ADAS camera view.

  • The chip is relatively new.

Did you know?
There are 43 steps to properly remove & replace a windshield? If a glass shop gets it done in 20 minutes, how many steps are they skipping?
Did you know?
 Windshields are actually safety devices (just like seat belts) according to the U.S. Federal Government. They provide up to 60% of the structural integrity of your vehicle in a rollover accident. Safe Windshields Website
Did you know?
Every windshield urethan (“glue”) has a minimum amount of time to dry/cure before it is deemed airbag safe to drive by the manufacturer?
Did you know?
Every Fix-A-Crack customer personally uses our state of the art equipment to ultrasonically leak detect their replacement windshields?
Did you know?
Every Fix-A-Crack customer is allowed to use our state of the art equipment to personally ultrasonically leak detect their replacement windshields?
Did you know?
If your car has a camera behind the windshield and the windshield is replaced, the Advanced Driver Assist System must be re-calibrated?

Fix-A-Crack - McAllen - TX      Fix-A-Crack National, Lifetime Warranty

Safelite is not the only one with a national lifetime warranty! We stand by our work.
Repairs - Our expert technicians will evaluate the break for repair-ability. If it is repairable, the repair is warranted for as long as you own the vehicle. Should the break continue to spread during or after the repair, we will credit the cost of your repair towards a windshield replacement performed by Fix-A-Crack or a Fix-A-Crack approved provider in the United States.
Replacements - Our windshield replacements are warranted against workmanship, leaks and defects for as long as you own the vehicle provided that you notify us of such defects within 30 days of installation. Contact us at 956-360-0178 to discuss the details.